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Kind of wish there was a demi flag for these pride things, or at least a gray-a flag, but that probably won't happen. But oh well, I guess it isn't that much to be upset over, I'm just glad that other things that I know mean a lot to other people are included, and that I at least get to use the bi and trans flags.

What do I need to do to get my art recognized on here? My last two drawings have literally no notes on them. (My second latest one SAYS it has 1 note but when I go to check what that note is, it isn't there)

I don't know why this would be happening, my previous art got more notes than this.

I know I haven't been here for awhile but like. Finally got my Waterfall to match my Tumblr. Now to upload art I've made

Oops, died for a bit there. Sorry about that! Hopefully I'm back though.

Any discourse: Appears on my Tumblr dash.

Me, apparently immediately: Experiences painful nausea for who knows why.

I hope Thell starts getting rid of URL horders soon. There's a couple of URLs I'm keeping my eye on that have all been taken by URL horders. Most of them have no posts attached to the URL except for the one I want the most but even then they only made 2 posts 5 months ago.

Ok! Time to make one of these posts.

Hey, I'm Kyle. I'm a minor, trans/nonbinary, and I go by he/him pronouns! I'm also demi-bisexual as fuck.

Just so people know, I have been diagnosed with autism and I likely have ADHD too.

I make art sometimes! Which you can see over on my art tag "karkart". I also have an MSPFA fanventure, but updates are slow.

I also make original posts from time to time, as well as making a lot of reblogs.

My current main interests are Homestuck/Hiveswap, Undertale, and Mob Psycho 100! But I also might reblog stuff from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Deltarune, Minecraft, and Steven Universe if it appears on my dash.

I'll also note though that I'm most active in the Homestuck fandom, but if you don't want to see that, I tag all of my Homestuck posts/reblogs with Homestuck.

I'm ok with adults following me, just so they know.

Read my BYF/DNI if you want to and I'd appreciate a follow if you'd want to! I'm also tagging my main intrests.


Hot take. Demisexual people are real and need not only more representation but also more recognition and understanding.

If you think demisexuality is "normal", then I regret to inform you that things such as one night stands, hookups, "love at first sight", and even Tinder dating are considered "normal" but would be practically impossible for people who are demisexual, as they usually don't even form a romantic bond with a person until they are emotionally close to the person which can take months or years, and usually for there to be sexual attraction for a demisexual person, there needs to be romantic attraction too. They may only genuinely love a few if not one or two people in their whole life.


I wouldn't be too sure about that op

are my art posts appearing in any tags? i wanna figure out if i can't see them in any because they're my own posts or if they're just not in the tags alltogether.

hm. probably should've uploaded my newest art (and the one i'm most proud of) last, instead i put a drawing i did months ago last and people are gonna think that's how well i draw now, oops.