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Haven't been on here for awhile, so have this drawing I drew! My artstyle's changed a bit since I was last here, oops

Someone over on Tumblr requested I draw Rosemary, so I did just that! This is technically a redraw of something I drew ~10 months ago. I'm still not the best at drawing faces in this perspective, but I'm getting better!

I don't think I've drawn something for MP100 before, but I was requested to draw something MP100-related on Tumblr, so I drew Mob Mob Psycho and his boyfriend.

This is a little late, but here's everything I drew pride-related (that was also Homestuck) during pride month!

This was mostly just practice with drawing clothing folds but I like how it turned out!

Hey, here's two of my fantrolls! I'm not sure how interested in these people would be, but I thought they'd be fun to draw.

For some requests I got on Tumblr!

Staying up late to play Minecraft with the hoes.

Okay but hear me out. Reading glasses!Karkat

Rose giving June a headband!

I'm not sure how popular June is on here, but I hope you all still like it!

Tfw the only two crushes you got you only got after spending years getting close to them

I don't think I've drawn 2 drawings in 1 day for years, but apparently I just did that.