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[Pic ID: A screenshot of a tweet from SmallAnt. The tweet reads, "So I heard they changed 'so long gay bowser' to 'bye bi'? I'm happy bowser is figuring out his sexual identity. Good for him." The tweet ends with a smiling emoji with hearts around it. End ID.]

Types of waterfall users:

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  • those of us who're basically here 24/7

  • "oh whoops i forgot this site existed for 5 months but now im going to post here!" *proceeds to disappear for another 6 monts*

  • *hoards the url and leaves*

Haven't been on here for awhile, so have this drawing I drew! My artstyle's changed a bit since I was last here, oops

Someone over on Tumblr requested I draw Rosemary, so I did just that! This is technically a redraw of something I drew ~10 months ago. I'm still not the best at drawing faces in this perspective, but I'm getting better!

I don't think I've drawn something for MP100 before, but I was requested to draw something MP100-related on Tumblr, so I drew Mob Mob Psycho and his boyfriend.

This is a little late, but here's everything I drew pride-related (that was also Homestuck) during pride month!

This was mostly just practice with drawing clothing folds but I like how it turned out!

Hey, here's two of my fantrolls! I'm not sure how interested in these people would be, but I thought they'd be fun to draw.

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i keep seein folks sayin that cringe culture is dead but then bringing it back in small ways as if what theyre doing isnt considered bein apart of cringe culture and its annoyin me bros!!

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Made a comic about the hs2 update

Kind of wish there was a demi flag for these pride things, or at least a gray-a flag, but that probably won't happen. But oh well, I guess it isn't that much to be upset over, I'm just glad that other things that I know mean a lot to other people are included, and that I at least get to use the bi and trans flags.

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happy 413!! happy birthday jane and john!!! i cant believe ive only been in the fandom for 2 years!!

For some requests I got on Tumblr!

Staying up late to play Minecraft with the hoes.

Okay but hear me out. Reading glasses!Karkat