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I don't think I've drawn 2 drawings in 1 day for years, but apparently I just did that.


Mostly stuff I'm proud of, partly art that's representative of each month!

i-have-no-gender-only-rage -

Petition to bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020s so we can call that decade the rawring 20s

hasenfu -

fucking genius

heros-shade -

None gender left boy

siriumb -

Wait, this isn't "none gender left, boy", it's "none gender, left boy"?! It took me several hours. Mood anyways tho.

mcatnip -

*tf2 engineer voice* none gender left, boy 

@blingsect either here or twitter

Cat, cat, cat. I need to draw cats more, honestly.


I don't think I've drawn 2 drawings in 1 day for years, but apparently I just did that.

lavavhe asked:

hewwo is it okay to follow? i'm 25. i rly like ur art so :0

Oh sure go ahead!! I'm just glad you read my DNI, it seems like most people don't fhgjkdf


Can't believe after 2 years of repeatedly drawing Karkat I'm still trying to figure out how to draw him.

Art by Arthur Rose Arbetman/arthur-rose-art


Got a new tablet! Here's my OC Oscar, he's a necromancer

commissions open also!!! hmu!!! 


A Jade I drew! It was supposed to be for a Jade week thing though I don't know if that's on here, but my Tumblr version is here!


A Terezi I drew because of Pesterquest.

I know I haven't been here for awhile but like. Finally got my Waterfall to match my Tumblr. Now to upload art I've made

babushka -

when you say "the most oppressed" you are diving into very dangerous territory, but

no one is forcing you to use those words when you want to raise awareness for a certain problem

you can say something like "this group is most at risk of being homeless" or "this other group has zero representation in media"

if you have a problem that feels important to you and you feel like x group is affected by it it the most, you can just literally say what it is and raise awareness for solving it, there is nothing wrong with naming a problem directly

instead of, you know, somehow managing to get into oppression olympics 

kirby -

good afternoon everyone what a wonderful time to cherish trans women

cjadewyton -

G'day mates, what a wonderful day to cherish nonbinary people!

sparky -

good morning everyone! what a perfect day to cherish trans men

coffee -


Tans are scientificl proven valid so transphobs fuck off!!!

Trans right!!!!!!!

king-mars -

cosmicaces -

imagine having a functioning brain